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Grab a bargain with a 20mm thick Geoluxe worktop !  While Stocks last……

Typical example

  • 2 x 3200×620 Lengths of 20mm thick Geoluxe
  • 1 x undermounted polished sink cutout
  • 1 x tap hole
  • 1 x set of drainer grooves
  • 1 x hob cutout
  • Templating & Installation
  • £2000.00 (including VAT)
  • 10% deposit on order
  • spread the cost 36 months £50 per month



Great News! You can now spread the cost for your new worktops

Not only can you get a great deal for your new worktops, sink, Taps and Flooring we can also offer interest free credit over 36 months.

Pop into our showroom for more details or
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A member of our dedicated team will help you through the process.

Credit is subject to application and status. Terms & Conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions

– To qualify you need to spend a minimum of £500
– Online application process
– Credit is subject to application and status
– Full terms and conditions available on application

Who Can Apply for Finance?

– Applicant must be 18 years or over on application date
– In permanent UK Residence – minimum of 3 years
– Retired from regular employment. Minimum age 50
– Not working through disability
– Self-Employed
– In regular, permanent employment working a minimum of
16 hours per week (Includes students)

Sintered & Pyrolithic stone worktops

Choosing a kitchen worktop can be rather confusing at the best of times as there are so many choices on the market, but how do you choose the one for you?

Have you looked at the Sintered, Porcelain, Pyrolithic options?

One of the newer materials to join the parade of worktops includes large porcelain slabs and ultra compact surfaces, sintered & Pyrolithic stones, If you’re familiar with the porcelain tile then you’re familiar with porcelain slab to some extent. What’s different, beyond just size, is the technology that’s behind this new class of porcelain surfacing. It’s thin yet strong and offers a sleek look with extreme durability. It evolved from the same surfaces that are designed to be walked on or clad the exteriors of buildings. In short, it redefines durability.

These surfaces are similar to porcelain slabs in that they share similar properties and benefits. They’re produced using a process called “sintering” that creates a very dense, very strong material. The compaction that occurs during the manufacturing process makes these surfaces non-porous and impervious.

Pros Cons
Benefits of surfaces like stone and quartz without the drawbacks of porosity, staining, and other limitations of those materials

Very durable surfaces; non-porous, highly resistant to physical damage like scratching and cracking

Very heat resistant; some products can integrate induction cooking features right into the material

Tolerant to all temperature extremes making these surfaces good for outdoor kitchens

Some products have “full body” construction meaning their colour goes through the material

Product sizes large enough to cover kitchen islands and large areas similar to natural stone slabs

Requires skilled trades and proper equipment for fabrication. Availability of experienced installers familiar with these products may be limited.

Cost is generally in the mid to high-end range for countertop surfacing; can be expensive depending on the specific product

Well, you have a choice of four brands that Precious Marble recommend:-

Geoluxe – this material is called “Pyrolithic stone” the factory are keeping the how’s and what’s very much top secret but they do tell you that they have taken their inspiration from the forming of natural marble?

This range is the newest on the market, it boosts a collection of seven linear marble, the slabs are 20mm thick and they are full bodied in other words the vein runs through the slab which would means you are able to have a bull-nosed or ogee edge if desired.

The slabs are available in a high gloss finish only and Geoluxe say that later this year they are adding some more colours and a matt finish to the collection.

Slab sizes 3200×1400

Dekton – This material is a sophisticated blend of raw materials used to produce the very latest in glass and porcelain, basically think of a extra large floor tile and then they digitally print patterns to mimic stones, woods etc.. however not a full bodied option nevertheless, you have over 30 colours to choose from boasting array of finishes from gloss, to textured to matt.

The slabs are available in 8mm thick ideal for walls, 12mm thick ideal for floors and 20mm thick perfect for worktops.

Slabs sizes 3200×1400

Lapitec – this material is also referred to as “Sintered stone” they explain that Sintering happens naturally within mineral deposits. Lapitec have harnessed this phenomena, and it’s key within the manufacturing process. Precise pressure over a defined period of time causes the atoms in the materials to diffuse across the boundaries of the particles, fusing them together and creating one solid piece. The end result is a beautiful piece of material, which has colour stability, recyclability and zero porosity, which can be used in all aspects of interior and exterior design.

You have 15 colours and 4 finishes to choose from, the material is available in 20mm thick and even 30mm thick, bonus! and it is also a full bodied material. The pallet is generally solid colours with a small range of marble effects.

Slab sizes 3400×1600!

Neolith – This material is also referred to a  “Sintered stone” product however very much similar to the Dekton brand, as in the surface is printed.

The range also boosts many colours 50 odd! Another one that is not full bodied though.The thickness available is 6mm & 12mm thick ideal for walls & floors but they have this year launched in 5 colours only there 20mm thick version which is suitable for worktops.

Slabs sizes 3200×1600

IMG_0010 precious-marble-granite2 IMG_0825 IMG_0209

If you want more information on all the products mentioned above please come a see us, we have a showroom that displays all the above and our skilled staff would be happy to explain in detail why you should choose these products.

Geoluxe Introduction

Geoluxe have unveiled a new surface to the world!
A breakthrough material “Pyrolithic Stone™” inspired by unparalleled nobility of natural marble with superior technical performance.
The collection boasts seven beautiful Marble look colours and is 20mm thick with a magnificent high gloss finish, the most exciting bit “its a full bodied slab !” meaning the veins run though the slab.
Like other porcelain products currently on the market Geoluxe is :-
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Resistant to impact force
  • Hygienic
  • Has a low water Absorption (Stain Resistant)
  • Resistant to fire & Heat
  • Resistant to chemicals
Thus making this product practical for both commercial and domestic use.
At Precious Marble we are proud to announce that our stocks will be arriving in March 2017 and we will start the fabrication of this product as from 1st April 2017.
Come into our showroom and enjoy the Geoluxe displays.



Recently Installed Dekton worktops, Many colour options Available.

Replacement Kitchen Doors

Zurfiz-UGloss_JAPANESSE_PEAR-360x209 Zurfiz-ultragloss_BLACK-360x209 zurfiz-smatt-light-grey-evora-stone-graphite

Replacement kitchen doors are a fantastic way to bring your tired old kitchen back to life without spending thousands of pounds. We now have a extensive Collection of replacement doors giving you flexibility to choose your own unique colour and size combination, along with our Quartz, Granites & Porcelain worktops we also offer a range of 1810 sinks & tiles.

We have it all!  come and view our vast ranges in our Showroom.






Stoneware Doors

IMG_0396 (1) StoneWare Doors

Why not use Porcelain for your kitchen doors?

Each Door is handcrafted to your kitchen, easy to maintain and offers the Wow factor to any kitchen or bathroom.

Come to our showroom to see the many colours & possibilities this range has to offer.



Stock Granites

precious-marble-granite-absolute-black_0005_Layer 1

IMG_1161At Precious Marble we have a fantastic selection of Granites just arrived. Come and visit our showroom and grap a bargain, 30mm thick Granites start from £150m+VAT



New Granite stock just arrived


We have just received stock of some beautiful Granites, ideal for kitchen worktops.

Feel free to visit our showroom and grab a bargain. Granites starting from £150m2 +VAT