What is Granite?

Granite is an igneous rock composed of mostly two minerals: quartz and feldspar. It is an intrusive rock, meaning that it crystallised from magma that cooled far below the earth’s surface.

The granite worktop has quickly become one of the most desired additions to the modern day kitchen, available in many different colours with depth in textures and patterns; they offer durability, resistance and a lifetimes worth of service. The complexity and density of the material, alongside the pristine finishes achievable through cutting and polishing make granite an appealing choice over laminate and wooden worktops.

A common, missed benefit of a granite worktop is the additional value it can add to your home. Because granite is a solid and hard-wearing material, it is likely to last a lifetime over the cheaper wooden and laminate worktops. Deemed a good investment to your home, your granite worktop will never lose its value once fitted.